Bare with us as La femme futura becomes Quantum Rebel; we can nail our badass lives. To become the vision of our wildest dreams we use the power of our past - like an archer who pulls the arrow backwards before she sends it towards her goal.

Enjoy what's still up here and come back to jump on the rocket to your amazing self.

Dance with your demons - or die.

Me and the demons

Hi I'm Angie.

I believe that when we're brave enough to fuck up and fail we'll find our universe. We'll find the story that rules our lives; the alchemy behind learned beliefs and preconceptions. When we can tell that story with a quantum giggle we'll be free to see the life we really want. It's already here...

I recently discovered my core, my frequency and girl, that's freaking amazing. How did I do it? I learned to dance with my demons and then gave them tickets to Mars.

Come with we and we'll be timeless, ageless and fearless together. My story is a trilogy called Mea Culpa. What's your's?



Futuristic Fashion fit for a Queen
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The last question
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Virgin Galactic
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Couture grown in the bath tub
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