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Femme futura had a couple cool thing to say though. Check it out.


 Dear Lord



Dig a little deeper, doll
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I’m in the neighborhood hipster café with my friend Britta. She’s this cool 40 year old designer with short white hair and a rocking body gained by many hours... Read More

Sex and love with robots
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  Would you want to have sex with a robot? “God no!” The 30 year-old bank teller moves back in her seat, staring at me as if I’m the... Read More

Futuristic Fashion fit for a Queen
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   Smart Spider Dress, fit for a Queen and powered by Intel Edison. The new holy trio of fashion, robotics and wearable technology reveals the wearer’s emotions and protect... Read More

The last question
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“Entropy, little sweet, is just a word which means the amount of running-down of the universe.” Entropy as in “all must end”, is a concept that freaks me out.... Read More

Virgin Galactic
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"Have a sweet flight," I texted my son who's flying from Seattle to SF, "I'll put up an energetic safety shield with my sorceress-in-a-spacesuit powers." Not that we believe... Read More