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Hi there, I am Angie Weihs, published writer, journalist and entrepreneur. La femme futura is my futuristic lifestyle lab with cutting edge longevity science & futuristic fiction, amazing tech, concepts, visions, warnings, interviews & stories; a space where mind set shapes the future.
I am at home in tomorrow's worlds and deeply rooted in my memories of medieval times. I'm a sorceress in a space suit.

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Collide. Collision. Code.
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First impressions from one of the most impressive tech conferences of the moment: Collision. Two days at Collision and one feels the world is made out of apps; really,... Read More

Futuristic Fashion
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  Design by the amazing Thierry Mugler. I want to be her on so many levels. For some I have to wait to get my cyber parts and stem... Read More

The last question
| |

“Entropy, little sweet, is just a word which means the amount of running-down of the universe.” Entropy as in “all must end”, is a concept that freaks me out.... Read More

Virgin Galactic
| |

"Have a sweet flight," I texted my son who's flying from Seattle to SF, "I'll put up an energetic safety shield with my sorceress-in-a-spacesuit powers." Not that we believe... Read More

Eluxe Magazine
| |

She created a cool, conscious and successful magazine in just two years: Chere Di Boscio. The lady who wears “rich hippy, urban bohemian (style) with a bit of rock... Read More